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The American Bench 
The American Bench is a comprehensive online directory of judges and information regarding U.S. courts.  The database includes a searchable directory of over 19,000 judges, profiles of federal and state courts, judicial boundary maps and gender diversity surveys.

Provides downloadable MP3 files of court opinions and streaming trial video.  Search for cases by course, textbook or subject.  Students receive unlimited access.  Students need to register using JMLS e-mail address.

Bloomberg Law
Bloomberg Law contains searchable databases of dockets, case law, statutes, and regulations along with corporate and transactional materials. Access to this resource is limited to current JMLS students, faculty and staff. Individual login required.

Bloomberg BNA
The Bloomberg BNA library offers electronic access to more than 100 important BNA reporters and newsletters, and includes access to the Benefits Practice Center, Intellectual Property Library, Labor and Employment Library and Tax and Accounting Center.

CALI Lessons
CALI (Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) publishes more than 600 computer-based tutorials in over 28 different legal subject areas.  Ask a reference librarian for the School's CALI authorization code.

Consumer Law Manuals Companion Websites
The Consumer Credit and Sales Legal Practice Series is an 18 volume set of treatises. Libraries with the entire set can offer access to the National Consumer Law Center’s (NCLC) companion websites on the following topics: access to utility, arbitration, automobile fraud, banking, bankruptcy, class actions, collection actions, cost of credit, credit discrimination, fair credit reporting, fair debt collection, foreclosures, repossessions, student loans, truth in lending, unfair and deceptive practices and warranty. Each companion website provides access to the appendix of each treatise plus many additional documents, such as pleadings, forms, statutes, regulations, agency interpretation and legislative and regulatory history.

Fastcase offers a simple way for your organization’s users to access our web browser-based application. We provide you a link that automatically signs in your users to our website. For security reasons this link will only work from computers on your network. You can further improve the Fastcase experience with a little development by constructing your Fastcase link on the fly with embedded user information. 

FirstSearch is a collection of databases that includes WorldCat, a national library catalog, and several databases containing articles on education, government, business, and science.  Use Worldcat to locate materials in other libraries for inter-library loan. 

Foreign Law Guide
Electronic incarnation of the venerable Reynolds & Flores loose-leaf set Foreign Law: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World; this subscription website represents the gold standard in foreign legal research, but is only available for a fee; it provides the most comprehensive, in depth coverage available of high quality current sources, both print and electronic, of foreign laws in their original language and English translation.  Click on "Subscriber Login" to access content.

HeinOnline provides more than 90 million pages of legal history in an online, fully-searchable, image-based format, including coverage from inception of more than 1,600 law and law-related periodicals.

IntelliConnect, the online research platform of Wolters Kluwer, CCH and Aspen Publishers, brings together primary content, secondary analysis and treatises in a wide variety of practice areas, including tax, corporate, securities, employee benefits and intellectual property. Access to this resource is limited to current JMLS students, faculty and staff.

IICLE SmartBooks
SmartBooks is an extensive online research library containing more than 100 IICLE practice handbooks with periodic updates providing "how to do it" instruction for Illinois lawyers as well as several electronic versions of legal forms. Access to this resource is limited to current JMLS students, faculty and staff.

Investment Arbitration Reporter
The IA Reporter provides news reports, articles, and analysis of materials relating to foreign investment protection, dispute resolution and policymaking.

Justis International Law Reports
International Law Reports (ILR) are now available electronically from Justis Publishing in the U.K. ILR contains court decisions and arbitrations from international courts and national courts all around the world on important public international law topics (i.e. international boundaries, state and diplomatic immunity, war, terrorism, international criminal law, investor state disputes and refugee law). All decisions are available in authoritative English translation. ILR coverage dates from 1919 to present.

Law Info China
Given access to this website by the Peking University, Law Info China strives to provide the most comprehensive and user-friendly databases for Chinese legal information.

Law Journal Press
Law Journal Press provides electronic access to the full text of selected treatises.  Treatises cover a variety of subject areas, but many are focused on intellectual property and information technology law.

LawTRIO Law Publications Database
LawTRIO is a fully searchable database of over 7,500 legal titles combined from Legal Looseleafs in Print, Legal Newsletters in Print, and Directory of Law-related CD-Roms.  This tool is best used to look for title in a particular area of law.  These titles are not full text.

Access to this resource is limited to current JMLS students, faculty and staff. Individual login required.

LexisNexis Advance
Access to this resource is limited to current JMLS students, faculty and staff. Individual login required.

LexisNexis Academic
LexisNexis Academic provides access to full-text news, business, and legal publications, using a variety of flexible search options.  The legal tab includes law review articles from more than 500 legal journals, news from more than 300 legal newspapers, magazines and newsletters, and access to Shepard's for all federal and state cases.

LoisLaw provides access to cases from every jurisdication.  For Illinois, state court coverage begins in 1925.  One feature is the access provided to Aspen treatises in a number of areas related to business, employment, and civil practice. Access to this resource is limited to current JMLS students, faculty and staff.

Mango Languages
Mango is an online language-learning system that can help you learn languages like Spanish, German, Japanese, French and Mandarin Chinese.

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law Online
A comprehensive work with hundreds of articles covering the central and essential topics in international law.

Oxford English Dictionary Online
OED Online is the online version of the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary in print.  OED is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the meaning, history and pronunciation of words.

ProQuest Legislative Insight
The Library subscribes to ProQuest (PQ) Legislative Insight Part A, which contains 18,000 legislative histories of laws enacted from 1929-2012. Each PQ legislative history consists of a professionally researched compilation of all congressional publications generated during the legislative process. These compilations include the full text of the public law itself, all versions of related bills, relevant Congressional Record excerpts, House and Senate documents, committee hearings, reports, and prints in fully searchable PDF format. Also included are presidential signing statements, Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports, and miscellaneous congressional publications that provide background information related to the enactment of the law. Also included are publications from previous Congresses if applicable.

RIA Checkpoint Registration page
This page directs John Marshall students and faculty to register for RIA's tax research service on the Web.  Once registered, students and faculty can access Checkpoint from any computer via the Web.  Initial registration must occur via the JMLS network.

RIA Checkpoint Direct Access
This page allows JMLS students and faculty to access RIA Checkpoint directly, without registering. 

Transnational Dispute Management (TDM)
An online subscription which was created by experts in the field of international arbitration in 2004. TDM subscribers include many international companies, governmental organizations, law firms (especially those which specialize in arbitration and dispute management), international agencies, academic and think-tank institutions and various NGOs in the field of international arbitration. This resource includes access to recent issues of TDM Journal, news articles and legal and regulatory documents from other countries. Access to this resource is limited. Please contact a reference librarian if you are interested in accessing TDM

Access to this resource is limited to current JMLS students, faculty and staff. Individual login required.

WorldTradeLaw.net Dispute Settlement Commentary Service
DSC provides summary and analysis of WTO reports and arbitrations.

Yellow Books
Online Version of the Law Firm Yellow Book and the Judicial Yellow Book that we also have in print form.



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