Louis L. Biro Law Library

Circulation Services

Circulation Desk

The main function of the Circulation Desk is to provide service and assistance to all patrons. Be sure to make the Circulation Desk your first stop in the library.

Loan Periods

Loan periods for the circulating collection are based on the type of material, the anticipated demand for them, and the number of copies available. Please check with the Circulation Desk for questions about the current loan periods and policies. Here are the general categories and the loan periods:

  • General Circulation – 3 weeks
    Items in the Popular Reading collection on the 6th floor and most treatises and monographs on the 9th and 10th floors.
  • Limited Circulation – 3 days and 24 hours
    Books and CDs in the Academic Success and Career Success collections on the 6th floor and Popular DVDs circulate for three days.  Bound law journal volumes on the 8th floor circulate for three days, and individual law journal issues circulate for 24 hours.

  • Non-Circulating
    The following materials do not circulate: items marked DOES NOT CIRCULATE; volumes from multi-volume sets, including codes, reporters, digests and treatises; slip opinions and advance sheets; newsletters; loose-leaf materials; and microforms.

  • General Reserve – 3 hours
    The library’s general Reserve collection consists of materials in high demand by patrons, including hornbooks, some high-use study guides and treatises, a set of IICLEs, selected DVDs and CD-ROMs and recent issues of periodicals.  These materials circulate for three hours to ensure that all patrons may have prompt access to them.  Fines for overdue items from the Reserve collection are higher than for other overdue materials.

  • Course Reserve – 3 hours
    Course Reserve consists of books, DVDs and other materials that have been selected by professors for their courses; the materials may contain required or suggested readings.  Students can search for Course Reserve materials on this page: http://catalog.jmls.edu/search/p.  Course Reserve materials circulate for three hours.  Items owned by the library and professors’ personal copies of materials can be placed on Course Reserve.  Faculty interested in placing materials on Course Reserve should contact Ramsey Donnell at rdonnell@jmls.edu or at extension 266.

  • Exams on Reserve

    The library maintains an online database of professors’ exams from prior semesters.  Students can access this database by following the Exams on Reserve link on the library’s home page.  Faculty interested in placing exams on reserve should contact Ramsey Donnell at rdonnell@jmls.edu or at extension 266.


    Patrons may renew library materials once per item, provided no other patron has placed a hold on them.  Items may be renewed online, in person or by phone.  The materials need not be physically present to be renewed; however, Circulation staff will need call number, author, title, volume number, and the borrower’s name to process the renewal.  To renew online, visit this page, http://catalog.jmls.edu/patroninfo, and enter your name and John Marshall ID number.  For most patrons, the ID number will be the first five digits on the back of your John Marshall-issued ID card.


    Library materials must be returned or renewed before their loan period expires.  Failure to do so will result in the assessment of fines as follows: three-hour materials at $1.00 per hour overdue; three-day materials at $2.00 per day overdue; three-week materials at $1.00 per day overdue.  If library materials are lost or not returned, the patron will be charged the cost of replacing the lost material plus a non-refundable processing fee of $20 per item.  Student and alumni fines will be billed through the law school’s accounts receivables department. Students must pay all library fines before they can register each semester and before they can graduate.  All fines accrued by CBA members will be handled by the CBA. Borrowing privileges may be suspended until all fines and charges are cleared.

    Printers, Photocopiers and Scanners

    The library has four combination printer-photocopier units: one on the 6th floor and one each on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors.  There are two additional units, including one for color printing/copying, just outside the library on the 6th floor.  All units also serve as scanners.  Copies and print-outs cost fifteen cents per page for black-and-white and fifty cents per page for color.  Students, faculty, alumni and CBA members can use the machines by swiping in with their John Marshall-issued ID cards.  Visitors can purchase copy cards from the bookstore located on the ground floor during the week and from the security desk on weekends.  Patrons with John Marshall-issued ID cards can add value to their cards by visiting the security guard on the 2nd floor or on-line at http://canonpay01.jmls.edu/ig/default.php.  Directions on how to refill your card can be found at http://www.jmls.edu/its/printing.php.  Please visit the security department if you have a problem with your ID card.  Photocopiers are turned off 15 minutes prior to the library closing.  Please do not leave books on the copiers.


    The library has a security system that causes a beeping sound to go off should a patron attempt to leave the premises with materials that have not been properly checked out.  Occasionally, non-library devices and materials will trigger the alarm.  If this should happen, please return to the Circulation Desk so that a staff member can determine the cause.  The security system is a safeguard, and we regret any inconvenience it may cause.

    Study Carrels and Group Study Rooms

    Study carrels are located on the 8th and 9th floors and are available exclusively to John Marshall students and faculty on a first-come, first-served basis.  Group study rooms are located on the 6th, 8th, 9th and 10th floors and are for the exclusive use of John Marshall students.  John Marshall students can reserve a study room online at: http://libcal.jmls.edu/booking/studyrooms. These rooms are only available for group study by two or more students. Each student is limited to reserving two hours per week. Faculty and staff should check with the Registrar’s Office to find meeting space elsewhere in the school.


    Telephones can be found on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors and in the stairwells on each of those floors.  Security can be reached at extensions 501 or 507, the Circulation Desk at 710 and the Reference Desk at 729.



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